2012 Main theme : Latest news on children involved in armed conflict


16.08.2012 - Armed groups should not be a law unto themselves - an Analysis by IRIN  

06.08.2012  -  Burma/Myanmar: Two non-State actors become the first signatories of Geneva Call's Deed of Commitment for the protection of children from the effects of armed conflict  

25.07.2012 - Myanmar: No more child soldiers? Report by IRIN

 24.07.2012 - Mrs. Leila Zerrougui is the new UN Special Representative on children and armed conflict

10.07.2012 -  UN Special Representative on children and armed conflic welcomes the sentence of Thomas Lubanga





  • To date an estimated 300'000 children are being used by armed forces/groups in more than 30 countries
  • The OPAC (Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Involvement of children in armed conflict) explicitly forbids the recruitment of children under 18. To date, 22 countries have signed but not ratified the OPAC, and 27 have neither signed nor ratified it
  • In 2010, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-general on children and armed conflict launched the "Zero under 18" campaign to reach universal ratification of the OPAC by the end 2012

  • Children involved in armed conflicts are exposed to all the types of abuse that can affect a child: sexual violence, corporal punishment, substance abuse, abduction, bullying, forced marriages and early pregnancies for girls, etc.


The WWSF 2012 Call to Action-Prevention Kit presents data and suggestions for action on the main theme.

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