Prize for Prevention


In order to address the requests for financial assistance we receive from coalition member organizations, commemorating the 19 Days for activism and the World Day, WWSF decided to annually award four Prizes for innovative activities.


  • Awarding, while considering the different contexts of countries and communities, pertinent activities and significant events related to prevention of child abuse;
  • Encouraging ongoing efforts by organizations to develop and increase prevention measures;
  • Catalyzing new energies. 

Prize categories

First prize:

Prize for innovative prevention activities (US$ 3000)
Honouring a unique and visionary activity serving as an example for annual events

Second prize:

Prize for significant prevention activities (US$ 1000)
Honouring perseverance, past accomplishments and facing new challenges in working for prevention of child abusee

Two additional awards:

For specific activities (US$ 500 each)
Honouring a particular pertinent activity at the grassroots level


Prize Jury Members

Gulzar Samji, Canada

Wu Qing, China

Elly Pradervand, Switzerland and Germany

Bunny McBride, USA

Filomina Steady, Sierra Leone/USA

Jyoti Macwan, India