Tenemos un Sueño …
La creación de un mundo sin violencia contra los niños y los jóvenes.


WWSF le invita a unirse a nuestra campaña anual y Llamado a la Acción "19 Días de Activismo para la Prevención del Abuso y la Violencia contra los niños y los jóvenes, del 1 al 19 de noviembre". Esperamos que se registren en línea y sus planes de acción (desde mayo 2014).

 ¡Juntos podemos hacer un cambio!


WWSF is happy to announce that 240 organizations from 88 countries have registered their planned activities with the campaign "19 Days of Activism for prevention of violence against children and youth 1-19 November". Collectively about 1000 activities and events have been announced.  We thank all active coalition members, visible online and on a Google map, and wish them lots of success in their mobilization and education programs for better prevention and protection measures. 
The 2013 award winning organizations, receiving the annual Prize for innovative prevention measures, will be announced on 19 November - World Day - via a  press release and direct announcements. Let's continue to act, create and educate for better prevention and protection of violence - an idea whose time has come. 
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 2013 Coalition Member Map