2018 Call to Action - Prevention Kit

We are happy to present to you the 8th edition of the WWSF “19 Days of activism for prevention of violence against children and youth 1-19 November”

Please remember that the Prevention Kit is central for the campaign activities. For this reason we stress that you familiarize yourself with the revised information contained in the Kit 19 themes, including additional information about ideas for action addressing for the first time what faith-based leaders can do to help end the persistence of violence against children and youth around the world.

You are free to choose and develop your own action plan and events, be it at a local, national or international level. Please note that you remain completely free to focus your campaign on the theme(s) of your choice. All we ask is to Serve your Community! Chose a theme and create change ! Use the Kit and move others into action with you! You are the key to creating the world we want, a world fit for children and youth.

This year, we invite you to mark three particular days: 

1)   2 November - World Day for Circles of Compassion: we invite you to create such circles as it takes compassion to end violence against children and youth. You will find instructions in the kit.

2)  19 November - "World Day for prevention of child abuse", to mobilize your community about better prevention and protection measures

3)  20 November - "Universal Children’s Day ». You will find all the information and the poster in the Prevention Kit.

We look forward to your registration online and will stay connected on a daily basis during the 19 Days Campaign via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once you have registered your program and action plan, we will make available to you our Media Pack with logos, images, PowerPoints, brochures and posters to support your transformative action.


In partnership, WWSF 19 Days campaign Team

To read the Prevention Kit, please click here


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