International Clearinghouse for prevention

children-clearinghouse-enIn 2001, first year of the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse-19 November campaign, 149 organizations celebrated 19 November. In 2006, 710 organizations from 119 countries have joined the international partnership coalition marking the World Day. This increase shows how important prevention of child abuse is today. Among the activities organized on this occasion, some prevention programs appear particularly innovative and efficient. This is the reason why WWSF is compiling a database of Internet links to prevention programs of child abuse and violence against children so that good practices and innovative measures may be shared among child rights organizations and relevant groups and institutions. By sharing information through this International Clearinghouse, each organization contributes to the creation of a culture of prevention.

The questionnaire WWSF uses to examine and select programs online, was sent to our network worldwide and disseminated at a large scale. WWSF welcomed the answers received.

Explanatory note about the program

The WWSF Clearinghouse is based on completed questionnaires received. A selection among the most pertinent programs was made to include those that inspire organizations and all stakeholders concerned about child abuse prevention. This is not an exhaustive list of existing prevention programs. The database will be progressively and regularly updated on the basis of new prevention programs received.

Finally, it is necessary to highlight the limits of such a tool. In compiling Internet links, some good programs are necessarily not mentioned due to lack of knowledge of their existence. On the other hand, some organizations don't publish their programs online or do it in a way that make them difficult to use because they are a summary.


The responsibility of opinions expressed on the websites listed in the WWSF Clearinghouse rests solely with the authors of these programs and does not constitute an endorsement by the Women's World Summit Foundation, nor by its staff.

To contribute to the development of the WWSF Clearinghouse, please send replies to wdpca@ or fax to (+41 22) 738 82 48. Selected examples of programs and good practices are published on the WWSF website (


Selection of good prevention practices

Below, find selected programs classified by region:

The Americas