WWSF selected a list of educational videos on the 19 campaign themes in order to assist you in your campaign preparations. In the future we will add other videos for coalition members.

2014 End Violence Against Children Video

End Violence Against Children (by Child Rights Connect)

1- Children involved in Armed Conflict

Ishmael Beah Calls for the Protection of Children in Armed Conflict

2- Sexual Abuse

UNICEF: World Congress III Against Child Sexual Exploitation

3- Bullying

World Hurt

4- Neglect

Kiribati: Protecting the Children

5- Child Labor

Child Labour BBC

6- Corporal Punishment

 Raise Your Hand Against Smacking

7- Sale of Children

Video comprueba tráfico de niños en Haití (10/02/10)

 Unborn Children for Sale in South Korea

8- Child Prostitution

Undercover journalists trawl Manila's seedy red light district


 Cafe Renascer Helps Sexually Exploited Girls

9- Child Pornography

 STOP Child Pornography

10- Child Trafficking

 Child Trafficking in Kyrgyzstan

11- Child Sex Tourism

 Child Sex Tourism In Flight

12- Harmful Traditional Practices

 The Story of Florence and Harmful Traditional Practices in Malawi

13- Street Children

 Lack of Policy Further endangers India's Street Kids

14-Discrimination based on Health Conditions

 HIV/AIDS Impacts Children's Rights

15- Addiction and Substance Abuse

 Drug Addicted Children in Pakistan

16- Malnutrition

Child Malnutrition Rampant in Rural India

17- Dangers of ICTs

 Everyone Knows Your Name

18- Abduction

 Calling for an End to Kidnappings in CAR

19- Death Penalty for Juveniles

 Child Executions In Iran